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1. Where is Walker Manufacturing Located?  Walker Manufacturing is located just east Fort Collins, Colorado. Walker has been there for the past 20 years. Fort Collins is a city in northern Colorado with a great sense of community and is not far from the beautiful Rocky Mountains...they love it there!

2. Can I visit the factory? Walker loves to have visitors. On a tour, you will see tractors, decks and accessories being built by skilled American craftspeople. Please call ahead to make sure a tour guide is available and the plant is not on a production break. The best tour times are Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

3. Can I buy stock in Walker? Walker Manufacturing is family owned and operated by Bob and Dean Walker, sons of company founders Max and Margaret Walker. The Walker family believes that everyone from company employees to dealers and end-users are best served when the company strives to live by 'Family Style' values.

4. How many employees does Walker Manufacturing have? Walker currently has 120 employees in factory and administrative positions. As an independent manufacturer, Walker prefers to fabricate and build as much of the product as possible at there factory. To that end, Walker has a wide variety of skilled positions in the factory.

5. What are the Mower Prices? Walker Mowers are competitively priced with other commercial grade riding lawn mowers and premium grade lawn tractors. Prices range from approximately $7,000 to $17,000 (USD), depending on selected options.  Contact us for specific Walker Mower Model pricing.

6. Where in the world are Walker Mowers? Walker Mowers are distributed worldwide to over 28 countries. They can be seen on the lawns of castles in Europe, parks Down Under, international State Houses and a number of other exclusive properties throughout North America, but most often you will find them being used by family-owned mowing businesses around the globe.

7. Can I trade-in my old mower for a new Walker Mower.
Yes. We take in trades all the time. Call today for the blue book value on your old mower.

8. Does Walker Manufacturing sell mowers and/or parts direct from the factory?
Walker uses a two-step distribution plan focused on 'Sales with Service.' Walker believes that end-users are best served by a local dealer that has sold them their mower and services it as well. Accordingly, Walker does not sell direct from the factory or over the internet. Morgan Power Equipment has been a dealer for over 15 years and has sold over 200 units and has one of the largest selections of parts around.

9. Can I have a demonstration on my property?Absolutely! We believe each potential customer should have a thorough demonstration done on their property (or a property they maintain). Morgan Power Equipment is well equipped to perform an on-site demonstrations. Request a demo.

10. Does Walker offer any Retail Financing? Walker has chosen to work with a few different reputable national finance companies to provide this service. Please Call or email for current promotions.

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A note from Bob Walker
A note from Bob Walker
I have been blessed to be involved in the power equipment industry for over thirty years. Many lessons have come my way during this time, the most important of which is that there is no greater asset than the people we deal with who make this business and product possible. The lifeblood of our business is not the metal we bend or weld to make a machine, but rather it is the people we have come to rely on for building, selling, servicing and using our product. Getting to know 'Walker Mowers' people is a passion of mine. As an independent, family owned commercial lawn mower manufacturer, we have the advantage of being able to know our people much more intimately than many of our larger competitors. This helps us keep perspective on what we are really doing: helping to enrich the lives of people, not just building mowers to make money and pursue company growth. The truth is that alongside an excellent product design stands a group of talented, energetic, and loving people... 'the Walker Mowers Family'. Whether you own a small lawn mowing or commercial landscaping company or simply need a high quality, dependable mower for your acreage, we are glad that you are considering a Walker Mower and hope that you will join the Walker Family by adding out front mowing to your life. Bob Walker, President